Carly Briggs and Anne Marie Hiser


Carly Briggs

Class: High School Sophomore, Class of 2020
Hometown: Calhoun, Georgia
High School: Calhoun High School
Birthdate: 11/21/2001
Coach: Edina Gallovits
Academy: Windy Hill Athletic Club
Family: Jeff and Bettina Briggs, Jake Briggs and Chase Garner

Junior Tennis Highlights

2017 Year End Final National Ranking: #8 in Girls 16s

Current Rankings:

#1 in Georgia Girls 18s
#1 in Georgia Girls 16s
#1 in South Girls 18s
#1 in South Girls 16s
#27 in Nation Girls 16s
#49 in Nation Girls 18s
Tennis Recruiting
Currently #13 Blue Chip Recruit in Sophomore Class
Current TNR record is 81-21

Member of 2017 Southern Intersectional Finalist Team
Member of 2016 and 2017 Georgia Southern Cup Champion Team
Member of 2017 National Team Champions and chosen to play in event past five years
Numerous National and Southern Singles and Doubles Titles
Member of 2017 Calhoun High School State Finalist Team
Carly plans to focus on improving her game and working towards playing tennis in college.

Anne Marie Hiser

Class: Sophomore at North Paulding High School, Class of 2020
Hometown: Acworth, Georgia
Birthdate: February 25,2002
Coach: Stewart Russell
Academy: Universal Tennis Academy since 2012
Family: Roger and Beth Hiser, brother Eric (18)

Junior Tennis Highlights:

Tennis Recruiting
5 Star recruit and currently 26 in Sophomore Class
Current TNR record 60-17
-Member of winning 2014-2017 Georgia Souther Cup Team
-Member of 2016 Intersectional Team
-Chosen to compete in National Team Tournament 2014-2018
-Holds numerous Southern and National Singles and Doubles Titles
Anne Marie would like to further her education and tennis career by competing at the college

Carly and Anne Marie Doubles Titles:

Southern Level 1 18s
National Level 3 18s
Semi Finalist
National Level 2 18s
Southern 1A 18s
Winter Southern Level 1 18s